Oh wait, it’s already using us. But here’s what we should know anyway.

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It uses our attention

I found myself standing on a platform, 60 stories up, with shaking legs and a pounding heart.

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Living simply is a choice.

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Recognizing what affects our attention

I was a child again, for a day.

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It smashed my rose-tinted glasses.

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Here are quieter ways to contribute to the climate movement without changing who you are.

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This sentence can make a difference in the way you view your day.

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If You Know Where To Look

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Microplastic pollution isn’t just a marine pollution problem. Here‘s what we need to know.

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Deriving irrelevant revelations from a compelling story

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Julie X

Writer obsessed with keeping her life simple and footprints gentle. | www.darkbluejournal.com

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